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Early Noninvasive


for cardiovascular diseases

At Taebi Lab, we are committed to developing cutting-edge sensing systems and computational methods for

of cardiovascular diseases, with a focus on health equity. These medical conditions continue to claim lives at an alarming rate, with one death every 34 seconds in the United States alone. Developing personalized treatments to replace the current traditional one-size-fits-all approaches will enhance treatment effectiveness. Provided that effective treatments are available; with timely diagnoses facilitated by our innovative methods, patients will receive earlier referrals to medical teams, leading to improved outcomes and a higher quality of life. Our research primarily centers on the analysis of body vibrations, with the aim of transforming our solutions into powerful bedside or cost-effective home monitoring tools through close collaboration with clinical and industrial partners. Our ultimate goal is to reduce mortality rates, optimize medical therapy, reduce hospital stays, and improve the lives of patients affected by cardiovascular diseases.


Mar 2024

Amirtaha will deliver a grand round to MSU's physician assistant program's students and faculties on 3/8, 12 pm.

Nov 2023

Aysha, Sophia, Jigar, and Luke presented their research at ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in New Orleans.

Oct 2023

Muntasir presented his work on reconstruction of 3-axis SCG from 2-axis data at the IEEE Body Sensors Network Conference at MIT Media Lab in Boston.

Aug 2023

Aysha's first journal paper is now published in the ASME J of Medical Diagnostics. A second paper first-authored by Haleigh and Brooke is also published in the same journal.

Aug 2023

Mohammad joined our team as a PhD student. Welcome on board!

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