Taebi Lab develops fundamental computational methods and sensing systems for 

of medical conditions with a focus on cardiovascular diseases and cancer with current mortality rates of one death every 36 and 60 seconds in the United States, respectively. Developing personalized treatments to replace the current traditional one-size-fits-all approaches will enhance treatment effectiveness. Provided that effective treatments are available, a timely diagnosis will lead to an earlier referral to the medical team. The methods that we develop are mainly based on the analysis of body sounds and vibrations. Being continuously in contact with our clinical and industrial collaborators, we make sure that our solutions can be translated from research interests to a powerful bedside or home monitoring tool. The ultimate objective of our research is to improve the patient’s quality of life, reduce the length of hospital stay, optimize medical therapy, and eventually reduce the mortality rate.


Aug 2022

Amirtahà will be a panelist on "Can I be my own doctor? Wearables, Apps, and other Hardware and Technology" in Mississippi Health Innovation Conference.

Jul 2022

Muntasir joined us as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome to Taebi Lab!