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Mississippi State Remote Cardiovascular Monitoring Study

Volunteer for research at MSU and contribute to discoveries that may improve health care for you, your family, and your community!

At Mississippi State University, we’re pioneering an innovative remote cardiovascular monitoring method that has the potential to transform how we detect cardiovascular diseases. Our goal? To catch these conditions early, even beyond the confines of traditional healthcare settings, and especially among underserved populations. To prove the feasibility of this method, we need volunteers to participate in a 5-minute remote research study. Imagine this: you can comfortably recline on your own bed while contributing to the development of the next generation of cardiovascular monitoring. All you need is a smartphone (iPhone or Android) and just 5 minutes of your time.

Age: Over 18 years of age

Gender: Any

Health Condition: Healthy or with a history of cardiovascular issues


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This study aims to establish a method for remotely and non-invasively collecting cardiovascular signals. The goal is to demonstrate that it’s feasible to gather these health indicators without the need for participants to be physically present in a healthcare setting.


Recruitment period

From May 1, 2024

This study requires

A smartphone (iPhone or Android), 5 minutes of your time, and filling a questionnaire

Who can participate

Adults who can read and understand the informed consent form which can be found on this page and is in English language.




You cannot participate in this study if

you are under 18 years old, or you do not have a smartphone or are unable to operate one, or you have medical conditions that would prevent you from safely participating in the study, such as severe skin conditions that could be irritated during the study.

Study flyer

Approved website

Principle Investigator

Study ID

MSU IRB: IRB-24-148

Amirtahà Taebi

Amirtahà Taebi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of
Biomedical Engineering

I'm interested in this study!

Please provide your email address to receive more instructions on how to start as well as the informed consent form. Alternatively, if you have a US phone number, you can provide it to us.


Thanks for your interest! Please check your email or messages for more information!

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