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Evaluating User Interactions with
Cardiovascular Monitoring Devices

Volunteer for research at MSU and contribute to discoveries that may improve health care for your children, future generations, and your community!

Are you expecting a child in the next year, or have you welcomed a new member to your family in the past three years? Each year, approximately 40,000 newborns are diagnosed with congenital heart diseases. Despite the existence of diagnostic methods to detect these conditions before or shortly after birth, their efficiency is often lacking. As a result, some infants, mainly from low-income families, tragically lose their lives due to delayed or missed diagnoses.


At Mississippi State University, we’re pioneering the development of novel cardiovascular monitoring devices that have the potential to transform how we detect cardiovascular diseases in newborns. Our aim is to identify these conditions early, extending beyond the limitations of traditional healthcare settings, and particularly reaching underserved populations. To achieve this, we need volunteers to participate in a 60-minute research study. As a volunteer, you will be asked to test a few commercially available devices that we will provide and give us feedback on their ease of use. The study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at MSU. By participating, you can contribute to discoveries that may enhance healthcare for your children, future generations, and your community at large.


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Age: Over 18 years of age

Gender: Any

Health Condition: Any


This study aims to conduct interviews with (potential and expectant) parents to gain insights into their preferences when selecting medical devices for remote cardiovascular monitoring of their children and newborns.

This study requires

60 minutes of your time to work with commercially available devices for cardiovascular monitoring and participate in an interview.

Who can participate

Adults (older than 18) who are planning or expecting to have a newborn in the next 12 months or have at least a newborn in the last 3 years.

Study ID

MSU IRB: IRB-24-150


Recruitment period

From May 1, 2024


J. Charles Lee Agricultural and Biological Engineering Building, Room 225

Mississippi State, MS 39762


Study flyer

Principle Investigator

Amirtahà Taebi

Amirtahà Taebi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of
Biomedical Engineering

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