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Early Noninvasive Diagnosis

At the core of our work lies the belief that the human body holds the key to early diagnosis of various diseases. Different organs and systems generate unique vibrations that can provide vital information about the presence of pathological conditions. Drawing upon this insight, we are dedicated to developing innovative and noninvasive methods for monitoring and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases by measuring and analyzing these vibrations on the body surface. By harnessing the diagnostic power of these signals, we aim to revolutionize the way in which cardiovascular diseases are detected, bringing hope to patients and their families.

Personalized Treatment

At Taebi Lab, we envision a future where healthcare is tailored to the unique needs of each individual. The traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach to treatment is no longer adequate in today's complex and diverse healthcare landscape. That's why we're dedicated to developing personalized treatments that are designed to maximize treatment effectiveness. By customizing healthcare decisions and calculations to each individual, we believe that we can achieve a higher level of efficiency and deliver better outcomes for patients. Our mission is to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, one patient at a time.


Personalized treatment for cardiovascular diseases using CFD

We use computational fluid dynamics to model blood flow and develop personalized treatments for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Amirtahà Taebi
Luke Hollngsworth
Kamryn Parks
Mohammadali Monfared
personalized treatment

Our Sponsors

Join Taebi Lab in its mission to revolutionize the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Through innovative research and partnerships with leading sponsors and collaborators, we are working to bring personalized treatment and care to Mississippians and Americans. Be a part of this transformative movement and support our work in improving health outcomes for all.

For "Designations", please select "Other (Please specify below". Then for "If you selected 'Other,' please indicate where you would like us to direct your gift:", please answer "Taebi Lab @ Dept. Ag & Bio Eng."

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