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Meet Our Team

Undergraduate Student

in Biomedical Engineering

Team member since

Aug 2022

Research Project

Developing low-cost systems for cardiovascular activity monitoring

Sophia Ruckman joined us as a sophomore. She is majoring in biomedical engineering at Mississippi State University. She is a part of the Shackouls Honors College, the Bagley College of Engineering, BEAM, and Society of Women in Engineering. She also works as a tutor in the tutoring center at MSU. When she is not working on school assignments, she likes to read, cook, and hang out with friends. Sophia plans to attend medical school after receiving her undergraduate degree at MSU.


Ruckman, S., Bhatt, J., Cook, J., Gamage, P.T., Kakavand, B., Taebi, A. (2023).

Design, Prototype, and Evaluation of a Low-Cost Multimodal Device for Cardiovascular Monitoring.

ASME 2023 International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exposition, V005T06A022.

doi 10.1115/IMECE2023-112486

 Poster Presentations 

Ruckman, S., Bhatt, J., Cook, J., Gamage, P., Kakavand, B., Taebi, A. (2023). 

Design, prototype, and evaluation of a low-cost multimodal device for cardiovascular monitoring.

Undergraduate Research Symposium, Mississippi State University.

April 13-14, 2023.

Sophia Ruckman

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