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This page contains an archive of the news that have appeared on the Taebi Lab Homepage.

Jun 2024

Amirtaha received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) which is considered the most prestigious award presented by the NSF to support junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through research and education, and the integration of these endeavors in the context of their organizations' missions.

May 2024

We received a 2-year award from the Mississippi Institutes of Higher Learning to develop an AI-powered portable cardiac imaging technology. 

Mar 2024

Amirtaha will be a panelist at Mississippi Health Innovation Conference to discuss the potential impacts of AI and ChatGPT in healthcare on 3/26.

Mar 2024

Aysha successfully defended her masters thesis on 3/22. So proud of her!

Mar 2024

Amirtaha will deliver a grand round to MSU's physician assistant program's students and faculties on 3/8, 12 pm.

Nov 2023

Aysha, Sophia, Jigar, and Luke presented their research at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in New Orleans.

Oct 2023

Muntasir presented his work on the reconstruction of 3-axis SCG from 2-axis data at the IEEE Body Sensors Network Conference at MIT Media Lab in Boston.

Oct 2023

Amirtaha will give a talk on "Contactless monitoring of cardiovascular activity using a smartphone" at the Center for Cyber-Physical Systems of the University of Georgia.

Oct 2023

Amirtaha will give a talk on "No Touch, No Problem: How Ordinary Videos Can Track Your Heart Activity" in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Michigan Technological University.

Aug 2023

Aysha's first journal paper is now published in the ASME J of Medical Diagnostics. A second paper first-authored by Haleigh and Brooke is also published in the same journal.

Aug 2023

Ali joined our team as a PhD student. Welcome on board!

Jul 2023

Muntasir's first paper got published in Scientific Reports.

Jun 2023

Amirtaha will give a talk on "Cardiovascular monitoring by seismocardiography" in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology.

May 2023

Haleigh got into the BME Ph.D. program at MSU. Congratulations, Haleigh!

May 2023

Our proposal to develop a portable and accessible cardiac monitor is awarded by the NSF I-Corps Site Program at MSU.

Apr 2023

We are awarded a 1-year Quick Grant from the Office of Research and Economic Development at MSU to develop novel AI-driven cardiac monitoring methods based on seismocardiography.

Mar 2023

Aysha is admitted to the BME M.Sc. program at MSU and will continue her research in our lab. Jadyn got into the BME PhD program at UNC/NCSU. Congratulations to both of you.

Jan 2023

Brooke got into LSU medical school! Congratulations, Brooke!

Jan 2023

Jigar joined us an undergraduate researcher. Also, Luke from the Mississippi School of Math and Science joined us as a high school researcher. Welcome!

Nov 2022

We are awarded Undergraduate Research Program funding from MSU's Office of Research and Economic Development for our brain disease project​.

Oct 2022

Aysha presented her research on heart rate monitoring using heart acoustics in the 2022 ASME IMECE in Columbus, OH.

Aug 2022

Sophia joined us as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome to Taebi Lab!

Aug 2022

Amirtahà will be a panelist on "Can I be my own doctor? Wearables, Apps, and other Hardware and Technology" in Mississippi Health Innovation Conference which will be held in Jackson, MS, on August 16, 2022.

Jul 2022

Muntasir joined us as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome to Taebi Lab!

May 2022

Maggie Jo got an early acceptance (end of her sophomore year) to medical school! Congratulations! We are proud of you!

May 2022

Our paper on the impact of injection location on radioembolization outcome has been selected as the featured "Continue Medical Education" (CME) article of the month for June 2022 by the EIC of JVIR and CME editor.

May 2022

Aysha's paper on "Heart rate monitoring using heart acoustics" is accepted for oral presentation at ASME IMECE 2022 to be held in Columbus, OH in Fall.

Apr 2022

Jadyn's and Muneebah's review paper on body acoustics for the non-invasive diagnosis of medical conditions is published in Bioengineering.

Mar 2022

Jan 2022

Our ASME IMECE 2021 papers are published and can be accessed here and here!

Jan 2022

Rukiye joined Taebi Lab as a PhD student! Welcome Rukiye!

Nov 2021

Brooke and Haleigh joined Taebi Lab! Welcome, Brooke! Welcome, Haleigh!

Maggie Jo will join us in January!

Oct 2021

Muneebah and Aysha joined Taebi Lab! Welcome!

Sep 2021

Ashley and Jadyn joined Taebi Lab! Welcome Ashley! Welcome Jadyn!

Jun 2021

Dr. Taebi will teach ABE 4323, "Physiological systems in biomedical engineering" in Fall 2021.

May 2021

We are looking for motivated students and researchers to join us. For the funded positions currently available, please see the Opportunities.

May 2021

Amirtahà will give a virtual research talk at the University of Georgia's Sensorweb Research Laboratory on "Characterization and classification of seismocardiographic signals using respiration information" on May 4, 2021.

May 2021

Amirtahà will join Mississippi State University as an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering starting Fall 2021.

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